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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tell Me Thursday-Mystery Photo Answer.

Wednesday photo contains communications towers located at Greenbury Point, Annaplois Maryland. they are part of the Annapolis Sky line. I took the photo while on the Annapolis Harbor Cruise.

Before and during the Cold war the towers were used for the communication of our submarine fleet. There were seven towers at one point, now these three are all that is left. The towers used very low Frequency signals allowing us to communicate with our submerged submarines. With the advancement of satellite communication, these towers are obsolete. They are marked to be destroyed in the next year. Changing the Annapolis skyline as we know it.

Interesting thing about these towers is, under them is an environmental treasure. It is the largest grassland habitat in Annapolis. Located at the month of the Severn River, it is a peninsula with 231 acres of Grassland. Greenbury Point has wooded coves, shallow wetlands ponds, forests and shrub areas.

BobWhite Quail

Wild life have made this area their home. It is the only place that the bobwhite quail lives in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Pair of Osprey
Right now nineteen Osprey pairs (also known as Sea Hawks) nest on the towers, Platforms will be made and they will be move before the towers are taken down.

Info provided by US fish and wild service

Photo courtesy of animal pictures archive


  1. wow! thats a lovely information Auntie....and very happy to know about the grassland and abundant nature stuff in and around this place...thats a nice suspense you created...lol ;-) (and i guess i came closer in guessing )

  2. I hope the powers that be will take pains to ensure the BobWhite quail are not eradicated.

  3. I was right!!! Can you tell I've seen them before.. hehee

  4. I'm sure the sky line will look strange for a long time without those towers.

  5. I knew what it was. What is amazing is the wildlife sanctuary. What a great place that must be.

  6. Too bad they are taking down the towers. I hope they preserve the land for the wildlife.

  7. I was close...

    hope you have a great day!!!

  8. Interesting information. I hope the wildlife is taken care of when they remove the towers. That's cool that nature can make a home in something like that.

  9. Great info! Thanks for sharing! I did not know that Ospreys were also called Sea Hawks. I see a lot of them when we are down in Florida visiting with relatives.

  10. Such great information about your WW post! I love learning new things!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog!

    Myra @ Happy Housewife Living Life


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