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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hubby is at work, I thought! The electric went off at the house. Had been out for over an hour, so I needed to start the generator. Call hubby no answer. Managed to get it started and ran the lines. All done (our electric was out for 12 hours) when the phone rang it was hubby. Where was he? At the Lumber store with yes you got it Ty Pennington from the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Addition. He was laughing an enjoying himself.. What happened to work? Well Ty invited him out to eat lunch and he said he had to get home due to the outage. I told him I would of gone to lunch with Ty. By the time he got home I had everything hooked up and enough gas I think to last a few hours..
The first photo, Ty's camera man was trying to get the picture with hubby new camera and couldn't figure it out (yes he bought a camera on his way to see Ty). Now in the second photo this is what happened. Ty sent an e-mail to hubby invited him to the Store.Hubby was asking him if he remember some thing they did way back when. You need to know Hubby is a Joker he loves to pull your chain. Ty was saying oh yeah I remember and they were both carrying on with the story, which had no truth in it at all.
There was a lot of laughter going on.Glad I wasn't there, it would have been embarrassing city for me. They both come from the same area so, who knows they might be so much a like. Maybe someday he will introduce me to Ty Pennington now that they are so close friends.
As to Hubby he works with computers. In Computer management, has a Masters in Computer Science as well as in other fields. Now that leads me into:
Today's topic First computer. Hubby has been working with computers since the 1980's. He was in the military and in communications. When computers came on the scene he learned quickly. As for me "what's a computer?". Then in the beginning of 1990 my parents got a home computer. Let's see they were in their late Fifties! I still knew nothing about computers. Hubby was stationed abroad so I stayed with my parents. Dad said why don't you learn how to use this computer. So, I started to read the instruction manual. It was very large, as I recall two catalogs full. The computer was large used the Dos system and large Floppy disk. There were a lot of these floppy's to be used. First thing was learn was how to type commands and work on the computer. When hubby returned from his duty station, we bought a Compac computer for $2000.00. That was my first computer.
I stay with dos for a long time. Did all my bill paying and documents in dos format. When Windows appeared I was not eager to join in (that seems so funny now). Hubby had windows on his computer at work, and he tried to get me to upgrade. That did not happen until 2000(almost 10years from the time a started learning). I really did not like operating in Windows. One could forget trying to get me on Mac! I did not like anything but dos. Now I will tell you that when I got my first job in the library, they had a Dos program for the books and no one knew how to use it. Thank God I learned ,I landed the job! I work on that Compac computer for eleven years. Oh wait I still have it, although I do not think it works. Since that time I have had three different computers. They just do not make them like back then.
I have come a long ways from when I had my first computer. I would not change a thing in how I learned to use it. Today I have three computers that I work on. All purchased for under $2000.00 combined. All operating in Windows, no I haven't gone to Mac yet . Here I am in my mid fifties and still learning and mastering my computer skills.
I no longer pay bills by mail or write checks. Make all my traveling arrangements by computer. Surf the internet for information on everything one can think of. Buy groceries, clothing, and household items. Look for good deals on books with coupons. Do most of my banking and manage Investment accounts. Download, edit and print photos from my camera. Scan documents and send them to people, upload document to fill in. Check on my daughter test grades and find out what homework she has. Then there is the seven blogs I work on. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Whew that is progress indeed.
Why do I have to leave my house? Oh yes to exercise and go on vacation to get those photos.

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  1. I am so happy you shared your story about WW post, because I was wondering! I love Ty he is super well at least from what I have seen on his show!!

    I agree, now why do we leave the house? For exercise and vacation is about it ;-)

    Have a GRAND Thursday!

  2. I would have clobbered my hubby had he not invited me for lunch with Ty lol .. then I would have clobbered him again for his story telling ;) My husband is a weaver of words .. gets him into trouble some days (when I kick him under the table!!)

  3. See ladies I don't see your attraction to Ty. Of course I would love to work on a house with him.
    Have a good day.

  4. What an interesting story to go with the photo! Thanks for sharing.


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