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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If I Could blog Back Time-Back To School

So here we are Blogging back with with Lola at the Diner. The topic this week is
Back To School

I will choose high school. In the late 60's jeans were just making their way into the schools for girls to wear. I did not have any, so I wore hiphuggers. My granny lived with us and she had a pair I just loved. Had a panel front with 3 buttons on each side and pinstriped brown.I would borrow them from her. They were the greatest, with Bell bottoms, remember those? They are starting to make a come back now. Our school did not allow jeans to be worn by girls until I was in the eleventh grade..I do not know why, it was a city school. Maybe they thought of them as gang related. Mostly we wore plaids and vest. Our skirts were short and we sometimes wore hose with designs. Platform shoes were the rage.Let's not forget those Hot pants, worn every now and then. Most all the girls wore skirt or dresses, pants were not wore that often.. No wonder the boys were crazy in those day..All those legs exposed!
I was talking to my Dad this summer and we could not remember wearing any backpacks or Carrying books to and from school. We had lockers. Did our homework in school and put our books in the lockers. We had no back, knee and foot problem due to carrying weight on my back.
Homework...Well we just did not have that much. Most of it we did in class. Studying for test was also allowed in class.
Oh that time was so great, we got to be a kid . What's happening today? Thinking that the new schooling boards have forgotten how they learned. They must all have been the book worms from the past. One thing that truly bothers me today is all the Homework and Projects given doing the School Holiday's. Don't they think kids need a holiday too?


  1. Oh ! I love it.....awesome.....can i go back and have all that gun....


  2. you're right... I was told by the teacher at my kid's middleschool that they can't use lockers because it costs the school 15k?? What's that? To maintain lockers it costs 15K? Pugh!!

    My kid is small, he weighs about 65 pounds soaking wet in 6th grade, and his backpack weighed 30# one day last week. So - I had to teach him to counter balance his weight by carrying 1/2 in his arms. INSANITY.

    One more vote for homeschooling at my house... we're still trying to figure out what works best for our oldest's learning style.


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