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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day With Louie, the Chimp

Hey Bloggers.. the Chimpanzee featured yesterday on Wordless Wednesday was brought to my child 13th Birthday party back in 2007. It was part of a Safari Birthday plan. I went on the internet and found this group. All their Chimps are used in Movies and trained, raised from infants. When watching TV if they see themselves or one of the family they seem to recognized each other. Some even have security blankets they carry around.
What was I thinking! Something different for sure... Each year birthday Parties just kept getting harder to out do. I must of lost my mind in that year.
The Chimpanzee name was Louie. He was 3 years old and acted just like a three year old! While in the kitchen, he opened the oven and the light came on, that intrigued him. He kept opening and closing the door. He was told by his trainer not to open the oven anymore. So, Louie checked to see if trainer was looking and when sure he wasn't..open the oven again. Isn't that like a three year old! I had a chair close to him, he found out it rocked. So he wanted to sit in it, eventually he did and just rocked and rocked. We were told that they have to put his clothes on backwards because he will take them off and run around, I think all three year old have done that once. Here are some more photos of our day with Louie. The kids had a lot of fun with him.
A little trivia; Monkeys' have tails and chimpanzee do not.


  1. Now that is cool! I'd never think to do that for a party but I will now!

  2. a monkey for a party? it's not scary? is the monkey tamed?

    care for a link exchange?

  3. In 2007 no one was worried about a chimpanzee. I think the one they had a problem with in Ct had to have had something wrong with it.
    And besides I bet everyone had fun. Next year I want to go to the party and see if you have out done the Chimps.
    Thanks for visiting Grampys Place.

  4. That is such a neat idea for a birthday party. I bet that chimp was a riot. Great memory too!

  5. hahaha..cool but im still scared.

    Thanks for the Trivia... i didn't know that..hehe

  6. That is so cool, but I know what you mean about b-day parties getting out of control. I've fallen victim to that myself a few times.

    On Thursday, I also told the story behind my WW pics. Come check it out!



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