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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's News- New things.

We had a busy weekend. Having the sun beating down on the Deck has caused is hard to sit on the new furniture. We decided to purchase a Gazebo, it will help with the sun as well as the bugs. Since I have a lot of flowering plants around the bees are busy. It took us all day Saturday to put it up. I have a complaint about the instructions, maybe someone will read this a take heart to change it. It seems that most things are made in China, and the instruction are not written with the common American Person in mind. I had to read, reread and them try to decipher them. Now IKA's has really good one, take a look at them. Okay I posted my complaint.
Back to the weekend.We found some termites flying, cannot figure where they are coming from. We treated and will call the Termite folks to retreat the house. It looks like they are from the neighbor way, however we do live in what they call" termite hill". We have our house treated yearly, and around this time they start their flying again.
Sunday we went to church. Our minister is held up in Turkey due to the ash cloud, he cannot fly out. We had another minister give the sermon. I have heard of a lot of people stranded due to the Volcano eruption. We lived is Colorado when MT. St. Helen's erupted in the 80's and I remember the ash all over the cars and ground. Quite nasty!

Critter and Alex have that coughing Virus and were not able to be a church.I did get to see Vicky however. Hubby took daughter and me to IHOP for lunch. I haven't been there in a long time. It was nice.

When we got home we continued on the backyard, Today we will be putting a screened lattice up. Our deck has an opening and all the critters in the neighborhood love to use it for shelter. We will put a stop to that. We saw the Groundhogs again, I covered all the holes again and will be keeping my eyes opened. They loves the front stairs and under the deck .Although if I could find a termite and ant eater animal I would let him/her live under there.


  1. Appears you had a very busy weekend. It was the same way here. What's Critter going to do when he starts dating? Don't you think some gal is going to say, "I'm not going out with a boy named 'Critter'."

  2. Mom, I keep telling you we need a pet. A hedgehog would eat those bugs right up :D

  3. looks like you guys had a busy weekend!...oh gosh, hubby and I were frustrated setting up our new grill...the instructions is hard to understand....oh dear, we have the same issue....lol!

    thanks for swinging by on my page...great to be here!

  4. It is such a busy time of year, isn't it?? Lots to be done while you just want to hang out in the warm sunshine and chill.


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