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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food, Shopping and a Ghostly Time

My Birthday weekend was great. Started out on Saturday, we went out to eat at T.G.I.Friday's. I had a Jack Daniels hamburger (pictured to the left). Then bought our, well really mine because I do all the cleaning and feeding, bird a new cage. The old one was in sorry shape. "B" loves his New Cage. Now he can get out on the top side.

Hubby wasn't feeling well on Sunday so no drive to the mountains to see the leaves changing.Maybe a trip for next weekend.
Daughter made Cakemix cookies and we all watched the"Cake Boss"marathon. What a crazy show but, it made us want to go back to New York City and New Jersey. Just to get something from the bakery. Daughter said she wants her Sweet 16 birthday there, Now that's a thought.....

Monday Hubby and I went out to yes my favorite eating place "Mimi". We had Breakfast, then we went appliance shopping. No we did not buy any. However am seriously looking at a double oven stove. Hubby want a new refrigerator,one more energy efficient. I am dreaming about a two drawer dishwasher.

We went out for diner at a German restaurant in Old Ellicott City. It is a town with, I am sure, plenty of ghostly things happening this time of year. The town was like a ghost town. Hardly any one there. A few people at the German brewery enjoying the food and beer. Jagerschnitzel for both of us. Daughter had a chicken dish with crab and a dessert(which she shared with me). Once we got home hubby and daughter give me a beautiful opal bracelet.


  1. Sorry I missed not wishing you a Happy Birthday, but it sounds like you had a great weekend celebration.

  2. Wow - you had a great weekend - sounds like your birthday was great! B looks so happy! Do we get to see the bracelet? Opals are so gorgeous!

  3. I've never heard of a double drawer dishwasher!!!

  4. Happy b-lated birthday. Sorry I missed it.


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