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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A German Experience Today and Remembered.

Today my daughter's German class goes on a field trip. Hubby is going with them. Ever year she goes to this college pictured above, and learns more about Germany. I really loved my time in Germany. The people were so great and the area we lived in was like our Pennsylvania here in America. Stores in the towns were small and personal.
I loved going to the city also. Stuttgart was close to were we lived. Learning to drive in the city,I fit right in.
Breuningerland Sindelfingen is a store I loved to shop at. It was like a mall of sorts. Established in October 198o near Stuttgart.We had just arrived in Germany so , of course I had to checked the stores out. One could find every thing there from Clothing to Food.I still have many things we bought from there. I have to say here, that all those things are over twenty years and still look and work like new.

Hubby and daughter will have some German food for lunch. My plan is to make a German Pumpkin Soup, which I will post on Auntie E's Kitchen site later today. Can't wait to hear all about their trip when they return.


  1. German pumpkin soup sounds really good! I hope the field trip is fun for them today.

  2. Sounds like such an excellent day!

    I'm loving your blog!

    I just started one and I've love to have you stop by.
    Eliza’s blog

  3. Not sure what that is on the plate. I do recognize the sausage...but the other certainly looks GOOD!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day!

    My grandfather had a cousin near Stuttgart, with whom I corresponded for many years. I'd hoped to visit but never did - wish I had, you make it sound like it was a great place.


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