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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Parenting 115- The Teen years

Remember "Wizard of Oz"? Dorothy wanted to run away because things were not going her way. She was a young teen. I use to love that movie... Now here I am a Mother to a teen. Who like Dorothy wants to spread her wings. Go the that land of Oz. What happening you ask, okay pretend you asked. She is trying to Be 30! I can not talk to her with out backlash, she's nice when she has an agenda. However if I try to show her the proper way to do something I get put down,yelled at and disrespected . Don't get me wrong my daughter is a good and kind girl to most people outside this family. Well liked by most people. It is just us that she is disrespectful to.
I used to talk to Mom about these issues, because I was not the greatest teen in my eyes. Mom use to tell me I was not bad by today standards. She was right, back in the 60's Most kids had respect just wanted to be grown up and make their own choices. We wouldn't dare talk back for the belt or some sort of punishment would be implemented right away. The Feeling I have is,in today's world teens are so exposed to TV and movies that make back talking normal! In my mind these promoted, and still do, disrespectful behavior to family members. It really hurts me when my daughter acts like this. I just want to get rid of every thing she has and block the TV,Computer, take away the cell phone and some times just run away and let her fend for herself.
I really do not want to run away just make the Hurt feelings go away. I love her and my husband very much! Always wanting them to have a good life with me. Just never thought raising a teen could be so hard.
I took Psychology 101 in college as well as Juvenile Behavior. Parenting teen stuff was never covered. I need a Parenting 115 class, you know the 1 for the first of it's kind and the 15 to represent the age of the first encounter. So in the comments section we can now start class, Welcome to Parenting 115.....the floor is open....

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