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Friday, October 2, 2009

Is This Legal or Fair Practice?

Here is some highlights in this book.

Say Hello To The Blogosphere
The Official Entrecard E-Book
vol. 1

How long do my ads run for?
Every ad that you purchase will run for a full 24 hours, and will not be in rotation with any other ad. In
other words, when you buy an ad, your ad is up on that blog for a full day......

ADVERTISING is when you use the Campaign page to purchase an advertisement on someone’s
blog. All ads run for 24 hours solid and are paid for with credits.

Reciprocating Drops
Many Entrecard members pride themselves on the fact that
they reciprocate all drops. This means that if you visit their
blog and drop your card, they WILL visit you back, and drop
theirs. To their credit, this is smart thinking. Because you
earn credits every time you drop a card, and every time
someone drops a card on you, if everyone you dropped on
dropped back, you would net 2 credits per drop, doubling
your credit income.

This is a question I have. No where in the Book/manual does it say we can change your 24/hour uninterrupted ad. However that seems to be what has been done in the past and now the present to be. I think this book/manual should be changed. It should have been the first thing done in order to make clear the changes. In the corporate world the SOP is changed before the changes take effect, unless it is an emergency. I do not think the latter applies since the start date has been postponed and people are still dropping. It is still not clear what will happen now. Will the Sponsor ads run in between the 24/hour EC purchased ad? I'm very interested in finding this out.
Then what happened to the 2 credit per drop,1 for you 1 for me? All this has change the way Entrecard users now drop. Some do not drop any more, and others do not reciprocate your drop. Visiting to the blog pages is no longer joyful, the work to drop has become even harder. Now you can only earn 300 ec per day, instead of the 600 ec . That means the cost to place a daily ad is limited to 300ec, unless you have stored up ec. Then you will run out faster. I haven't seen the cost to place ads go down. There are still blogs that stay up there in the 500+ daily ec cost. Never to see my ad on them.
(Now I did check the recent chages as of 9/8/09 and it still reads the same as the book.)

There have been some users who have come back just in the recent months. Now will they leave again? I can not pay out 50.00 per blog per year, that seems too high for me. So now we wait to see if the Entrecard we have come to Love goes deep into the ground. Blogs disappearing and less Home base blogs. Becoming more of a business oriented medium. Creating a mourning period for us Home base bloggers. We will have to Mourn the lost of our ec widget and traffic and find a way to move on in our Bogoland. Death is hard to get over for some of us, I just hope our Entrecard Blog friends do not shun us as in the real world.

I have moved my EC widet down from he top. This is in anticipation of the Monday Sponsor ad start up. If the ads I get are not to my liking I will move it further down to the bottom. I checked with the amount I recieve from an ad place on my site and to tell you the truth it is only 1/4 the cost paid. If you are interested in the figures go to your dashboard and click on "credits to advertise on your blog" , it will give you a run down on what you earn from the buyer. The more and more I learn the less and less I understand the New changes.


  1. Yeah, I love how they just make the changes with no information. It is unfortunate that they are ruining a good thing. I've already moved my EC box down.

  2. I've noticed a lot of people have moved their EC down their page. They never policed the above the fold rule, so why not?


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