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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heading Home Today

We have had an emotional time as well as some fun time here. Friday we spent the day on Cocoa Beach. Watched the Atlantis Shuttle lift off. By the way you will be able to see it at arriving at the International Space Station tonight around 10 pm.
Lyd found some Barnacles under the pier on the photo. We tried to go last night to see them but the water was high. Found a pair of sunglasses. If you lost them they are still under the Pier on the piling shelf.
That evening we had a memorial service for the Fallen Police Officers, there was a big group this year. More later this week on that.
Saturday we went to SeaWorld with all the Survivors. There were 9 buses of them. I hadn't been there since I was 10. Loved the Shamu show. More later this week..... for you a video of it.
Today we will decided what to do, there is many thing for us to choose from. Our flight doesn't leave til tonight, so we will have plenty of time. Stay tune for the detail on My Auntie E's On The Go blog on the right side bar. I will be blogging about it in real time from my phone.
Have a great Sunday!

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