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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's News- Weekend Update

So now my forearm is in a Neon Pink Cast. Yeah I really broke it, was cast Friday. This is a first time for me. I made it all the way into my fifties before I broke a bone. had to go to a new doctor, our old one is no longer accepting our Insurance plan. Very impressed with the Orthopedic surgeon. Therefore My weekend was a slow one. I did manage to tear out the wire shelves from the closet and prep the walls to be painted. However no painting yet.
Daughter has some Medical testing on Saturday. A fasting blood test and an Ultrasound. We will have to wait on the report. We went to Denny's to eat breakfast, hadn't been in long time. I had Grits, I haven't had those in a long time either.. boy were they good!
Daughter went to have a picnic with boyfriend on Saturday. Hubby and I had Chinese food and watched a movie. We watched "Land of the lost" It really was funny and dumb. Not a movie for my daughter to watch...too much adult humor. Glad we didn't go the the theater to see it, I would have been disappointed.
Went Cloth shopping with my daughter, Saturday evening. We went to the Mall, found a few cute things, she is growing up!
Sunday hubby went to get some pavers for his new shed. He will be picking that up on Monday. I worked on some computer issues and repairing a coat hanger.
My Sister in Law did the Avon walk for Cancer in DC so I didn't get to see her. I will be talking to her later on this week.


  1. Sounds like you had a full weekend. Nothing like shopping with your children. The bonding is great. Looks like your husband has a lot of work ahead. Have a good week.

  2. Ughh, you broke your arm? Ouch ! But at least you get to accessorize with Neon Pink ;) I hope you are not in pain.. heal fast! Faythe @GMT


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