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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's News- Cast and BlueMonday

On Friday I had to go to the doctors office because the Waterproof cast put on Wednesday was so tight I could not sleep at night. Two nights of no sleep was just too much. If you didn't know I broken my Radius by my Wrist 3 weeks ago Tomorrow. Fell in the solarium, trip over my hubbies Computer cord. A few days later I realized that my arm was broken when the bruise came up to the surface. Yes I was in a cast on our Florida trip. Upon returning the cast was very loose so at my regular Ortho appointment I needed a new one. Decided on a waterproof one.. Bad choice! Because of the waterproof lining the skin does not breathe easily. It was miserable.. At night or in the heat when the arm swelled there was no give. On top of that it really itched badly. So on Friday the call was made to the Ortho, I went in and the Doctor put a new one on... not a waterproof one, a regular one. Much better , the new one is Blue. You can see the waterproof one Here.

Speaking of Blue...A new meme for me called Blue Monday
You can click on the icon to go to the host site, Smiling Sally. I really didn't think consciously about Blue Monday when I decided on a blue cast. Guess subconsciously my mind was on blogging mode,hehehe. that must make me a true Blogger now.. Like my Hubby would Say "You Blogger Now". Here's the Blue Monday photo....

Oh yes I'm blue today in more ways than one.

See the Bricks? Those are part of the Mural being painted in my Vintage Sewing Room Front Store mural. Monica is busy working on it now. I'm so excited about this project. You can follow it on my " Living Healthy with Auntie E" site, Link on the sidebar. It will be a totally Green/ living room.
How was your Weekend? I would love to know...always eager to get the News on fellow bloggers. Leave your link so all can get the news on your Life. "Inquisitive Minds want to know!"
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  1. Oh, you poor baby. This is not the way I intended Blue Monday to go--with pain and suffering. But, you're so dedicated, and I appreciate the blue moments. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  2. Oh, my that all sounds uncomfortable. When I was little, I broke my left arm 3 times!! It seems I was in a cast half my childhood!! But kids are much better at enduring things like that! I'd hate to break anything now!!!!
    Thanks for the visit.

  3. So sorry to hear about you arm. And having to have a cast during a trip wasn't fun. Hope everything is healing okay and the cast can come off soon!

  4. Hi there! I linked up my Weekend post. Hope your cast is easier to live with, and that you heal quickly! Have a great week and thanks for dropping by earlier, Come back again soon!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  5. Oh wow. That must really be a pain. Good luck with your recovery. And thanks for stopping by my Blue Monday post.

  6. So sorry you have to be in a cast...but at least it gave you something unique to blog about, eh? :)

    Have a great Blue Monday!


  7. What we want to to get something for Blue Monday. Truly hate to hear about your accident, but since you had to have a cast, you picked the right color.

  8. Poor you I hope you are doing okey now. Happy Monday!


  9. Thanks for your note at my blog and do hope your doing better with that cast now..
    This is alot of fun on Blue Monday,,,do pop by mine again sometime, ok...
    Hugs Dena

  10. Ouch! I think a cast would drive me crazy!!

  11. I pray your arm is healing well and will soon! :)


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