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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's News- Long Weekend Update

Hope you all enjoyed the scheduled post and got a chance to visit the "Auntie E's On the Go" blog...Pictures in real time while we are out and about are there.
Now time for the update.....Friday we flew to Florida for a memorial service. On that date there was a shuttle launch scheduled for Atlantis. We got to view it from Cocoa Beach.
Click on the photo for better view

Later that evening was The Memorial service. I love The American Police Hall of Fame memorial services. They are so nice and even though this is plenty of sadness, we all are together. The reading of the fallen Officers names is tough to get through. There are so many. However it is good to attend these reading, more folks should attend to honor the Police Peace officers Lives. I meet a few new survivors this time, need to get my brother to attend next year he would be better for attending. They really help in coping with the lost...We are not alone! Each of us support each other. So many children now without a Parent, Uncle, Aunt, Sister, Brother or Grandparent. Just to think they will have to live the senseless action of the taken life for rest of their lives. They do not know it yet but, it will affect them in each milestone they come to! These coming together each year helps all of us through those times.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney on Sunday. It wasn't crowded at all. Did Some shopping. I really liked one of the Disney drawing so my daughter bought it for me.
We eat at Planet Hollywood, we all had Hamburgers and Shakes. Afterward we looked around the four floors of old movies props from the 50's through the 80's. Stay tune for some photos later these next weeks.

Hope you got a chance to go to the sites of the Support organizations to learn more about all the Help for Fallen Police Officers families for their lifetime.

Arrived back Home last night, had a good night sleep and now to start the weeks activities. There is a lot for this week. Doctors appointments, working on Ongoing Projects and School testing for my daughter. Life goes on.......

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