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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Floating By

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It's a parade...
I love the balloons!
below is the Sakura one.
Every year the National Cherry Blossom Parade has this one.

Here they come...HERE THEY COME!
OH look It's.........

Yes Elmo and his fish bowl..
can't go to DC without his fish..
Does it have a name?

Look,Look here they come....

Sing it.. Veggie tales...Veggie Tales.....veggie tales.
Bob and Larry of course.

How much fun to see the balloons coming down the street. One can see them for Miles and the excitement starts.. Next Big stop Macy's parade.

To see the clowns click on the Shriners of DC on side bar.


  1. I especially love the first one!!! That was always my favorite part in parades too!

  2. What a fun parade! The first one is my favorite too.

  3. Dorothy is Elmo's fish name...
    I never saw parade balloons until I watched the Thanksgiving parades on TV. After that I always wanted to see a parade with balloons in it.

  4. Ooh, my kids would love this parade... Veggie Tales, Elmo! :)

  5. Oh how fun! Elmo's fish is named "Dorothy."

    You are welcome to come over and link up with me today too! http://thefrugalkennedys.blogspot.com/2010/05/wordless-or-word-filled-wednesday.html

  6. Wow that is cool!

  7. I LOVE the cherry blossom balloon! Elmo's pet/friend fish's name is Dorothy. :)

    WW: Princess Dinosaur Cookies

  8. Awesome pictures! My son would have loved to see this! Happy WW!

  9. Of course his fish has a name! It's Dorothy! ;)

    Love these shots, that first one is so pretty. Happy WW!

  10. I can't find the balloon boy. Is he hiding again?

  11. Love it! Happy WW!

  12. I would love to see them in person, such colors & fun! Have a great week, my friend!


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