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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's News- Mother's Day Weekend & MM

My Weekend was full of new things.Friday evening Lyd Spent the night with her BFF. That gave Hubby and me time alone. Saturday morning Hubby and I went out to my favorite place for Breakfast. Mimi has the best Muffins,in my opinion. Then we went to Lowes to look at things for My Vintage Sewing room. Purchased a few things we needed. That evening we picked up Lydia and went to a concert. Lydia's Cello teacher was preforming.

Mother's Day we went to church. Great Music and Sermon, all I have to say about the Sermon is when we get uptight with our children say "Crystal not Tupperware, Crystal not Tupperware, Oh Lord Jesus help me!, Crystal not Tupperware".
After church we met up with family and went out to Olive Garden at eat. I sent photos to "Auntie E's On the Go" blog. It was a great time. Critter is so cute he just makes me what to hug him so tight. When he saw my Cast, he said " I have to come to your house and make cookies all by myself for you". He was so serious, Critter Loves to cook! We had Critter and Alex ride with us to the Restaurant, the car was so noisy. However My S-I-L and Mike got some quiet time in their car. I had bought shirts for the kids in Virginia Beach, haven't seen both of them together since. So I give them the tie-dye T-Shirts.

After Lunch Hubby, daughter and I went to F.Y.E. at the mall. They are closing that store. We purchased DVD's, Music CD's and Lydia got a Twilight Lunch box. Which she took to school this morning.

I received a diamond Mom's necklace and a hand written card for my daughter.

I will close today with a song from one of the CD a purchase.

Crystal not Tupperware link."Mothering with No Regrets"

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  1. Love it! Trace Adkins is one of my favorites!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and good music to boot!

  3. back in town, and was trying to remember which blog of yours was the one I won the name the trip contest?

    I can't remember, but thought I left you my email.


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