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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's News-It's Decorating time

As the Holidays are underway now, we stayed busy. Having a teen who wants to go out and then scheduling things around that can be tricky. Friday I managed to get the tree up in the living room. It is rather large so it took some time. Has been two years since I had that tree up. I had to do some furniture arrangement to get the tree in there. No ornaments as of yet.

Saturday We managed to get my daughter to her new friends home. Met her family, very nice people. They had their home all decorated for the holidays. Villages and their tree up in the home and lights and blowups in the yard. So hubby and I hurried home to start ours. We worked on the outside first. The weather was quite warm, so that was the day to start. I got the front idea from our Christmas Town visit last weekend. I loved this look....

Photo from our Christmas Town trip

So we purchase a Giant Nutcracker that lights up at night and during the day just looks good. I had color lights garland and we place color light along the railing. All we needed was the candy cane ribbon. I worked inside the house that evening. Mostly in the kitchen on my Snowman theme. I did put some glowing color balls on the Living Room tree and put all the three trees on the main floor on a remote for turning them on and off.
My daughter had her BF over for Hanukkah celebrations. We had Latkes and Olive oil and herb breaded Beef roast. They played dreidel a little before we took him home.

Sunday was Church day. We saw the Family and Critter. They had been away last weekend. Checked our calender for upcoming events, added some. Had lunch together and then went our separate ways. My family stopped off at a couple stores to look for the candy cane ribbon and decorations. Picked up a few. I worked on getting the platforms ready for the villages to go up this week. As well as planing furniture arrangement for the Family room. I will be putting the Family tree up down there. Each room has a different theme. The Living room is an Old Fashion Rockwell Christmas. Solarium has the Villages and outdoorsy feel, Winter Wonderland I will call it. Our Dinning room is the Reindeer room and candy cane. Kitchen is Snowman village. In the family room It is Santa and a family tree complete with all those ornaments made by our daughter and family members through out the years . Ones purchase through travels as well as all the wooden ones from years gone by. It's a Memory tree. With the fireplace in that room, the Santa feeling is really there.
The decorations has begun here. I'm hoping to be done by next week. To post photo's of the rooms.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. My grandson loves nutcrackers, and this weekend he went to see a performance of The Nutcracker by the ballet school.

  2. So many people now collect nutcrackers that the prices are way up there.

    Happy Blue Monday, E.

  3. Sounds like a quite busy weekend ! I couldn't put any decoration outside, we had too much snow and it was far to cold too ! In Belgium Santa Claus is very much celebrated in the flemish part of the country even more than Christmas. In Holland too. Children get the big gifts on Santa Claus and not at Christmas so there was a rush here in the shops last week. I live in the French part, so they celebrate Santa Claus like in Germany not too much.

  4. I just told hubby that I should have a nutcracker because I like it.
    MYM-Town parade

  5. What you have done for your home decorations are very nice. The nutcrackers have gotten more popular lately.

  6. That is a lovely nutcracker. We went to a friends house for brunch and enjoyed fellowship and great food. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. Hello and thank you for your comment! Wow, that Nutcracker looks intimidating from up there! You sure packed a lot into your time - christmas town, shopping, decorating, hanukkah! whew. I'd be tucker'd out!

  8. Wow Sweetie, how exciting and festive !!!
    Church is Awesome for us here too. And by Rockwell, do you mean like, Norman Rockwell type things???? I soooo love his art. He is my favorite...
    May God's blessings be on you as you look to Him during this wonderful Christmas Season and always~~~Hugs Dena

  9. I tried to do some of this too, but still have some more to go.


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