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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's News-Getting Ready...

This weekend was a getting ready for the Christmas Holiday time. We did a little shopping and Decorating.
On Saturday I finished put up the tree in the Family room. We decorated it later that night, listening to music and hanging all the ornament from years gone by. My daughter remembering her preschool years, and the making of various ornaments. Hubby and I remembering our years overseas and Christmas' of the past. I love doing that tree, it is so fill with Memories of Years gone by.

A view of the Memory Tree.
(click on tree for a closer view.)

After the tree I was still in the festive mood so, I started decorating the whole room, From the fire place to the villages. This year there is a ocean complete with a Light house,(Photos of that on Wednesday this week).

Sunday was church time and then when we came home , I started tweaking the villages and the dinning room. Our dinning room is very Blue. The theme is Reindeer. Each year a add a new reindeer. This year is was ornaments.

The Reindeer Room
(a sneak peek)

Now to the Kitchen,it's the Snowman room. This is one of the areas in my Kitchen. Check out the blue...My daughter made that some time ago.

The Snowman Room
(click to enlarge)

After the dinning room and Kitchen updates, I moved on to the villages and the people. A sneak preview for you here...
The Solarium Village
(click Photo for a closer view)

Today I am still working on the solarium tree as well is the villages around the home. I love all the villages surrounding all the rooms. This year I plan on getting out some of the older house from year gone by. We will add a new one, Just haven't found the one yet. Was thinking about adding a type of store or maybe a new a Post Office. I will be looking for one later today.
So how was your weekend?

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  1. Everything looks just beautiful. I love that you have a different theme for each room. This is really the time we recall so many lovely family memories. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Christmas is such a great time of year. Your place looks so festive with so much blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, E.

  3. Wow your Christmas tree is gorgeous and love that reindeer room! Happy Monday!

    BM-First snow storm

  4. You are all set for Christmas. The tree is really lovely. I hope you are having a great day and enjoying all that Blue Monday brings your way. Blessings...Mary

  5. I love all your decration so neat and organized

  6. You are much more ambitious (or energetic!) than I am! Your decorations are beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous tree! I baked cookies on Sunday with friends. You HAVE to check out my post about it:

  8. Everything is beautiful.. I wrapped gifts all day myself and dug up a tiny cedar tree to dress with lights for my dining room...
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Lots of blue. I love the solarium village.

  10. Love your decorations, looks so cosy !
    I had troubles with Google couldn't get into my account, had no emails and could not comment ! what a joy ! now it works again !

  11. Very pretty. I love looking at how people decorate their homes.

  12. Your home looks very fun and inviting. I like the way you have a different theme for each room. What a great idea! Oh, thanks for visiting my blog.


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