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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Question-Hoilday Music.

How Do you feel on this subject, the start of holiday music?

Every year it seems that the holiday music starts earlier. This year it was on before Thanksgiving. Even in the stores, while shopping their elevator music was Christmas type!
I even saw Santa out before thanksgiving. I guess I'm of the old school when it comes to this subject. I like the music, However I think it should wait until after Thanksgiving.

Would You prefer Grand Openings, like Santa's Arrival, Park events,lighting of trees and carolers, be after or on Black Friday?

Maybe After would be better for the Moms. I saw Santa just sitting there all by his self before Thanksgiving. No line of kids and no activity. Did get to talk to him though...checked my name on his list and Santa has everything covered! I have been oh so good this year. Hurry Santa, will have my signature Almond Snap cookies and Eggnog out for you.
See photo above, the photo was taken Sunday November the 14th,2010)

How many Holiday lights were up in your neighborhood?

Let's see in ours we had a handful of houses lite up for the holiday. As to our house, not yet. We will start this weekend. Right now I am doing the inside. Today is the first full day of Hanukkah so I have been decorating for the party tonight. Hope to get those winter villages up today.

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  1. Hmmm, I kinda get sick of the music by Christmas, so don't start it too early!

  2. I like the music but not until after Thanksgiving. There's a local station that plays only holiday music from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I usually turn the dial to that after Thanksgiving. Before that it's too early for me. Same with the lights and displays.

    There are a few decorated houses in our neighborhood and more each day. Ours is done on the inside but I only have a wreath on the door. I put up real greenery outside with white lights each year and can't do so too early or it dries out. I might work on that this weekend.

  3. Any time before Thanksgiving is pushing it to me.

    Have a great Friday!

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    Have a great day!

  5. i wish they started Christmas music like Dec 1st...
    the sooner they start it, the sooner I get tired of it

  6. I usually just tune out the holiday music when I'm shopping so it doesn't bother me. Might be because I stay out the the malls as much as I can.

    And there is one house on our street that lights up their Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. I always get a chuckle out of that :)

  7. I think holiday music should not start until December 1st. That's just me. I just want to enjoy it in it's time.

  8. Following from Boost my Blog Friday :)


  9. I love Christmas music, I was listening to it already in September :P

  10. I would prefer all Holiday things to start after Thanksgiving not Halloween like Wal-Mart did. Holiday music after Turkey day also.

  11. I don't really mind. It's fun to hear my kids sing.

  12. I love the holiday music more and more as I get older. My neighborhood is slow in getting the outside lights up.


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