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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's News-Computer and Shopping

My weekend was rather calm. Did some computer work, cleaning up my Blog Landing Pages. I am a Member of Adgitize and Ken Brown, the Creator, has a Forum there. I learn a few things last week on Blog Landing Pages and about Bounce Rate. Never knew that the Landing Page should be under 50K in size, in order to control the Page Loading time. It is always nice when one lands of a fast loading page. So I did a few tweaks to my blogs Landing pages.

Saturday I limited the amount of post to appear when the page opens. Put a List of my post title for the past week on my side bar. that way visitors can see what has already been posted. Also worked on cleaning up some old stuff on my pages. Have been blogging for about two years now. Some of the things have been there that long! Bloggers come and go in this Bloggerland. So I needed to clean up. Kind of like house cleaning. I have seven blogs, so this took some time. Oh, In case you do not know...You can find out your page size by Right clicking on your Blog page and choosing"View Page Info". I was able to get mine under 20K.

My daughter wanted to go to the Amish Market for some Fruit. Of course we also got a few other items. Can you believe it.... the Egg Nog was out. We tried some last night ,it was very good. So Dad, I will be bring some with us for our visit. After we got home I made dinner, a Beef Goulash served with Noodles. Worked on the menu for our Thanksgiving Brunch and the week at Dads. We planed out some activities to do while with Dad. I called my Brother to Let him know his Grandson, Critter, will be coming to Thanksgiving Brunch at Dads. He was so excited, Haven't seen his grandson for over three years. I was trying to think about the last time. I think it was when critter was 2 1/2, he is now almost seven. My how times flies!

Sunday we had church. Alex and her Dad joined us for church. Alex had a sleep over so she was tired, you know Kids just do not want to sleep at those. Now I wonder why we call them Sleep overs? Sound to me they should be called, All Nighters. Saw Critter and the rest of the family after church. Talked about our upcoming Trip plans. Critter, being a boy, had an accident on the school play ground last week. He got a little scraped up. It will heal okay though.

We went out to eat at Eggspectations. This is a restaurant that serves any thing and every thing with eggs. It was very busy, always is on the weekends. After that we went to the mall. I was looking for Boots and my daughter a Hat. My fall/winter color this year is Gray. Therefore the boots had to be gray and not slick bottoms.

The Candle Shop was calling me to stop in. So I purchase some Holiday scented candle and a few other things. Oh yes I use a coupon and purchased items that were specially priced.

I like this shade, if you click and look closely you can see the Crackle glass. When it is lit that church image is cast on the wall. the crackled glass creates a snowing effect. The Santa shade and plate set has different views of Santa around the shade and plate. I chose the Blue boy for today's blue Monday view.
So how was your weekend?

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  1. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday !
    Wow this was wonderful information .
    Thank you for sharing.
    This was also my first visit to one of your blogs and I had a fabulous time :)
    Thank you for sharing with us here in blogland.
    Until Next time
    Happy Trails

  2. Your weekend was pretty much similar to mine, except I was locked in because of the rain, and I never go to church except for weddings and funerals, lol !

  3. That's a sweet blue scene on your lamp shade.

    I'm not too sure I understand the "blog" stuff, but I'll try to check my blog size.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. What pretty candles. I love the cracked glass effect.

    Thanks for visiting my Blue Monday.

  5. Love yankee candles and just ordered one. Happy Blue monday!
    Blue Monday

  6. Happy blue Monday. I love those candles

  7. Love all your photos. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. I would loved to have been with you on the trip to the Amish. I love all the good stuff they prepare. Forget all the information about the blog. I never understood a word. I barely know how to get my post up each day.

  9. Sooooo BEAUTIFUL Sweetie.. LOVE the lamp and all of the pics are great!!!
    A little prayer for you~~~ As you trust in our Sweet Lord,, may He continue to shine through you covering you with His blessings...
    Hugs Dena

  10. I love the blue you included for Blue Monday. It was great but then so was everything else you included in the post. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary


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