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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mixing things up....

I have enjoyed Aloha Friday for these past two years. Loved visiting new blogs and answering questions on Friday. Kailani of An Island Life has done a great job.
Lately the numbers have been down and the problems with her link system has been troublesome for me. The purpose of a meme is to bring bloggers to your site and maybe they would follow you and answer your question. I think that some of the players have forgotten this process. One leaves an answer on their blog and they should come to your blog to reciprocate. Even if they do not want to follow you, they should return the comment. Memes can be so time consuming and frustrating when one visits all the linkers, comments on their site and only gets 1/10 return. I hope folks who play memes will read this and think about it. We play for our blog traffic to increase. It is sometimes great to meet some new followers also. I will not stop playing memes, however I will choose wisely and sometimes step away for a while if need be.

I have been Thinking of a Friday post thing to do for some time now. Trying to decide if I should rework my blogs Friday Post. After looking out the statistics I have decided to Mix things up.

I love the idea of questions at least once a week. There are so many question memes out there. Some are way too long for my liking. I need something easy and informative. Something that would help bloggers in their life or on their blogs. So I thought I would have a "For the love of Questions" Friday post.

Now for my question Friday post I will ask a question or two on a certain subject. I am thinking about all kinds of ideas, Do you have any in your mind?

I think this will be a great Friday post for me to do. It will broaden my mind and cause me to be responsive to visitors. This is not a meme I am starting, just a New Friday post for my blog. I want the question to be ones that are in reference to whatever I post that week. Trying to have some continuity to my At Home blog. Sometime a question will come to mind while I'm posting during the week. I'll try to harvest it right then. That way I will not forget it and can do some research if need be for Friday's post.

So come on by For the Love of Questions on Friday, right here. Maybe we all can learn something new or unusual. Let's broaden our horizons, and Mix things up!


  1. Hello auntie E, Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. I didn't get a chance to visit yesterday so today I am catching up. I enjoyed reading your 'blue' post and your photos were adorable. it is clear your dtr and grandson were enjoying themselves. That bridge looks so interesting. I would have love a visit there.

    As for today I believe comments have dropped off quite a bit in all areas. I have noticed the newer bloggers who are out there visiting a lot are getting a return for there efforts. I find myself fighting to find enough time to visit as much as I would like. I love blogging and won't give up. I will just have to try harder. I agree if someone takes time to visit we must return the favor. I enjoy it truly.

    Your question idea sounds like fun.

    Have a happy day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. I know what you mean about link and left kind of people..It's very time consuming to join memes, return comments, and visit others, but that's a common courtesy..


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