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Friday, November 12, 2010

For the Love of Questions-Link systems?

There are so many link systems out there. I first started with Mr Linky, then moved to MckLinky(now known as Linky Tools), tried Simply Linked and my new one inlinkz. They all offer about the same service. Some have different programs one can use. Like:
Thumbnails- where one can link a photo with there URL.
Blog hops- where you can link on one link and it will be posted on several blogs.
Contest voting- this can be hidden or public. Can also allow for a random winner chosen.
Just a plain URL link- nothing fancy.
Meme links- to be use with a repeating theme across the network.

Some are free for a time with limited use. Other have a optional Cost, allowing and give more options in their system. Also allowing you to use more than one link at a time.

I think I found one worth paying for. I like the way it is set up. Not taking you to a different page to link up and having the option to design it to blend with your pages needs and space. The HTML is easy and the maintenance of the links are good. Not too complicated to use.
I still use others however I am finding a like only a few of them.

So My questions to you are:

1. Have you or do you use any of these link systems?
2. Which ones have or are you using?
3. Are you taking advantage of the freebie version?
4. Would you pay for one, if you really liked it?


  1. Hi! I currently use (and paid just a little for) Mister Linky. I am interested to see what you hear from others...

  2. I use Linky tools for my weekly giveaway linky on my other blog, simply more out of habit than anything else.

    Although I like browsing the picture linkys, I really dislike using them to submit giveaways. They take so much longer to submit when you are doing a lot of giveaways. Plus most limit you to 20-25 characters.

  3. I only use blog hops, when I remember the days, etc. to add my blog link. I still have so much to learn!! I'll have to stop back by to find out what all you learn!!

    Thanks for the visit & great questions!!

  4. i don't use any linky tool. have no interest yet on using them.

  5. I have not gotten brave enough to go with linkys yet!
    I keep saying I am soon, but no go!

  6. I have used Mister Linky and Linky Tools. Yes, I'm using the freebie versions and I would pay for one, if I really liked it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I've used Linky's in the past and I prefer MckLinky. I wouldn't pay to use it, though.

  8. I use and like Linky Tools. Nope, wouldn't pay for one since I don't think most people care!

  9. i'm still learning about linky systems so your blog post was informative to me. nice blog! thanks for visiting mine--

  10. I do not use linky system yet. Like many of the commenters, I am still learning about all this blog stuff.

  11. I don't use links and I wouldn't pay for a link service but that's me. I do use CMF ads and take the money I make from advertising and put it back into ads. I don't know if that counts as links.


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