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101 Auntie E Street, Bloggersville, USA
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come Join In The Fun!

Today I wish to invite My visitors to my Kitchen. What's cooking? Bread, can't you smell it...It's Blueberry Scones. Part of my Thursday Holiday Flare series. For the next seven weeks you are invited into my kitchen, for the Holiday Cooking has begun. There is a contest going on there and everyone can vote on their favorite recipes. If you cook, you can link and enter your recipes. Each Thursday there will be a different category. We have already had Side dishes, Desserts and now Breads. So I'm calling all Cooks to come link their holiday recipes up. Check your archives for those holiday gems! then come to my kitchen and link them up, it's that easy. And I'm inviting all Visitors to drop by Auntie E's Kitchen and try them out. Then come back and vote for your favorite ones. Come Join In The Fun! Let the Holiday cooking and tasting begin.

Tis the season for smells of the Holiday to start. I thought it would be so nice to have recipes from all over this world. So what do you enjoy and look forward to when the holidays come?

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