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Monday, March 9, 2009

Traveling 2 the West -here we come.

Planning a summer trip to the West U.S.A. States. The dates have been set, 20 days in July. Vacation time submitted. So, Now we start the itinerary.
When I was about 12 my parents planed a trip through the west. I remember it well. We were going to move to Upstate New York. My Father was going to Minister at a church in Belmont. The Money was not going to be enough to support us. So, it was suggested by a missions group to raise support. Mom and Dad Planed a trip to visit several Churches. We took a Camper hooked it to a Rambler and began the trip. We left Peaks Mill Kentucky and started out. Visited; the Crater Rock, Painted dessert, Grand canyon, Ghost towns,Death Valley, Yellow stone National Park, Salt Lake City,California, Las Vegas and many more places. Believed we traveled though 17 states. I enjoyed the adventure. Mom would read info about the place we were traveling to in the car. My Brothers and I played car games. The ones like Car Bingo, Sign alphabet and some we invented.
Later in life I moved to the west. Lived in Colorado, California, Texas, Indiana and Missouri. My Husband and I visited some of the same sites in the 1980. I wanted to share some of my memories with him. Now it is time to share them with my Daughter.
I am so excited about this trip. Having family time Planing, Plotting the route and researching what is out there. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
I thought about traveling Route 66. This is an old route across the west,so much History. We will be driving, supporting the economy. I will not be towing a camper. Those day are over for me. I like a hotel with amenities.
All I have to say now is: Lets start the Show.


  1. I'd love to drive over Route 66. Sounds like so much fun and historic.

  2. Sounds like fun, I like the planning stages too. The Grand Canyon area, go through Lake Tahoe and continue on to California and do the Pacific Coast Highway, or visit the Giant Sequoias, and then there is the Pacific Northwest - some really beautiful country.


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