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Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Weekend 2 Tell About

Great Weekend! My husband wanted to go to a Garden Spring Show. So,we drove out to the Post to the site. It was empty....He had the wrong date. We went grocery shopping at the commissary as a family. I enjoy the family shopping with me. But,I have to say we spend more money together. By the time my daughter put all her teen sweets in the cart, and the hubby travels all around the store collecting his likes, the amount go up.
I found some Buffalo steaks at the commissary. I really like buffalo. I was having a dinner party on Sunday, Steak and Fries. I can not eat Beef Steaks,but buffalo suits me fine. Aren't those bag salad great!! An easy dinner salad. I added Bagged shredded carrots and some other ingredients.
On Sunday we went to McLean Virginia to church. My daughter like McLean Bible Church. It is a large church. If you are interested,they have live stream worship Sundays 0900 & 1045 EST. http://www.mcleanbibleinternet.org
We sometimes watch it a home. It is watched around the world. It takes us about 45 minutes to drive there.
Yesterday the traffic leaving church was stopped on the interstate. Hubby said we will take a different way. So,off we went, into DC. It was a nice ride. We traveled through Georgetown. My daughter and I had not been there before. It was busy and the Secret Service was there which tied up the road. Someone important was shopping, Maybe the First lady? My daughter wanted to know if there was a college near. She thought it was cool and wanted to live there. Told her she will need a few Grants to go to Georgetown University. However is it a good school and her being close to home would be nice.
One of the problems taking this short cut is It was no Shortcut! Took us about 1 1/2 hours to get back. I had dinner guest coming at 2pm. I still needed to pick up Russet potatoes. Thank God for Cell phones. Anyway Hubby wasn't sure how to get back. We have Onstar,so a call went out-Direction were downloaded and we were on our way. I just love technology :-)
We had a wonderful time eating and fellowshipping with our friends. Enjoyed playing Wii. The kids even show me some new things to download from the Wii.
What a wonderful Weekend. By the way my teen daughter did get to reserve the Twilight DVD. Which I will pick up for her today. How was your Weekend?


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend so did we. I've never eaten buffalo meat, but would like to try it sometime.

  2. Weekend is always nice and wonderful when spent with the family but unfortunately, it ends so fast :


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