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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 Be Young Again.

We had our snow storm, about 5 inches. It was beautiful falling. I was reminded of living in Rochester. There we had winters complete with snow. I believe that is when I really fell in Love with the stuff. One of my brothers had a paper route. I remember one Snow storm that produced 3+ft. You could not see the fire hydrants. As you know the papers had to be delivered. The family got together and delivered those papers.
That same day my brother and I decided to go to the hospital to visit a friend. We took the bus. By the time the bus arrived and Blizzard had started again! I could not even see the front of my hand. Lost my brother, ducked into a frat house to get warm and get my bearings. When I arrived at the hospital my brother was already there. I was not happy with him leaving me. Oh well, we visited and then took the bus home. Mom told us we were crazy. We could have gotten frostbite,( we were visiting a friend who did have frostbite). We were young and naive.
When I was stationed in Colorado I was so happy. SNOW.SNOW.SNOW. I think i am reverting back to my younger years. All I wanted to do is play in the snow. Snowshoeing, Sledding, Even Skiing again,which I am not good at. But cross country skiing sound great. Oh the winter snow, it is not great here but in the mountains, Garrett county, Oh the dreams I could have.


  1. Would love to experience playing in the snow. Coming from a tropical country, we sometimes yearn for a colder climate (but not that much!) :D
    My son loves playing in the snow when were vacationing last year.

  2. i only love to look at the snow. i bet i cannot withstand it. i am weak when it comes to coldness. but it always is fun to look at the snow and the people who play in the snow.

    you remind me of an aunt who passed away because her name starts with E.


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