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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WW-Let's Go Window Shopping

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Okay this is not wordless,I just can't keep my mouth shut! I will try to next week... but now I must talk because we are going shopping. Everyone talks when shopping with friends!

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While we were at Christmas Town in Williamsburg I went window shopping a little.
So let's go again together.

Oh this was the Caribou.....
Step right up.....
Now this window is looking from the inside out...
They made these Wonderful Candles inside!
Now to the candy shop.. Yum...
I like the lollipop!
Oh! what's the boy eating??? It looks good!
The Jewelery shop...
Diamonds for me Thank you.
A pair of dangle earrings ...
A perfect gift!
Oh another window...
Looks like a great shop!
Let's hurry other.
What do I see?Can you believe it?
Oh, I knew He would be Here!
I have to go now and talk with him...
Need to give him my list....


  1. I love Christmas time and decorations! Happy Wednesday :) And yeah, I think my cat would kill me in the night if I actually tried to dust with her poofy tail :)

  2. I love Christmas time too. It's so joyous and lovely. Thx for stopping by :)

  3. Great shots, so colorful and festive!

    Happy WW!

  4. Fab photos so colourful :-)

    Happy WW! and thanks for the link up :-)

  5. I have one of those candles. I got to watch them make it at Dutch Village in Holland, MI

  6. I like your list :)

    Have a great day!

  7. Those candies are incredible!!

  8. so pretty... I love this time of year :)))

  9. Love the photos... it put me in the holiday spirit!

  10. What fun! The candles are beautiful.

  11. We haven't made it to Christmas town yet. I really wish they'd include it in season passes. Great pictures and now I have to go because it's been a long time since I've seen carved candles.

  12. I often go window shopping, but inside the store ;) never thought to snap a pic of the window, cute meme idea! I love the decor this time of year, don't you? Faythe @ GMT~

  13. Now THAT'S window shopping - so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by... :-)

  14. I LOVE Christmas lights! They are so beautiful!!!

    I am your newest follower! Would love for you to come check out my blog too! :) Hope you have an awesome day!


  15. I like this Window Shopping..:-)


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