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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday's News- Holiday Fun.

We had a fun weekend. On Friday we had family over. Critter , Alex, my S-I-L and Hubby spent the day with us. Critter and Alex help with the cookies. Critter help cook them and he made breakfast for everyone. That little one, now seven, Loves to cook. I enjoy him when he visits. We had French toast. He broke the eggs and beat them. helping my daughter cook.

Later that day we finished rolling out and baking the cookies. Then when the parents arrived, we iced and decorated them. We had a blast doing that, everyone, adults also, was enjoying the imagination fun. My sister in law stated that she felt like she went back to the era of Beaver and the Cleavers. Now that was great, we all loved the show. Fun time and very enjoyable. We had a great meal and then opened presents.It was sad to see them go but, we had fun.

Saturday, Christmas day. Teen Daughter got us up around 7am. I was tired because I spent the night talking the Santa. We had to catch up on the years News. He was quite busy this year, preparing for this one night. My daughter was given a Guitar, Hubby received a GPS and for me A Kindle! What a surprise for us all. Santa knew exactly what to give us.

Hubby got me a new set of Pans. I really needed them. Plus I received a lot of Gadgets. Now I will be busy Posting "Weekend gadgets" on my Kitchen site. I gifted hubby a remote car starter. He had been wanting one of over a year now. My daughter gave her father a camera. My daughter also got one from us, it was a SLR one. She will be posting some awesome photos on her Blog site. Of course there was also clothing given to all. Overall we had a pretty good Day.

Now I want to end with a note of Joy. Christmas is really about celebrating Christ the Lords' Earthly Birthday. We did attend a Eve service to help keep our minds focused on that. However with that said, This household celebrates "Three Kings Day" on January the 6th. That is a true day for Celebrating our Lords' Birth. As the Wise-men, we give him that day totally. Praising and thanking God for the gift of his son.

Looking forward to showing photos on Wednesday. Please come back to check them out.

So how was your weekend?

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