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Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas Day!

Well, Merry Christmas to all of you. This year is the start of new beginnings. Christmas Eve we had Family over and we had a blast. It was such a joy to share the day with them. Critter and Alex spent Thursday night with us. We made sugar cookies and watch all three of the Santa Clause Movies. I love them all and the kids had never seen them before. On Christmas Eve their parents, my S-I-L and Hubby, came up and we shared a time of fellowship. Icing and decorating the sugar cookies we made the day before, was a blast. We all sat at the Kitchen table and laughed together. Then we ate a dinner together in the Reindeer room (Dinning room). I made a Fruit and spiced Pork roast(will be posting the recipe on my Kitchen site later). The kids were so eager to eat that they sat at the table waiting for the dinner to be serve. It was so sweet to see that. I guess they love Auntie E's cooking,hehehe.
We opened presents from each other and shared in some fun time watching the kids enjoy theirs. They had to leave and I missed them before the drove away. Don't worry I will see them on Sunday at church.
that evening we went to a local church to attend a Christmas Eve service. Saw a few folks we haven't seen for some time.

This morning we opened our gifts and enjoyed the gifts from Santa. That's right, We believe in this household. So, Santa still drops by and leaves us goodies.

Now I have to tell you...as most of you know, I LOVE SNOW! Now the weatherman said "Sorry no snow for us for Christmas"...well what does he know? I asked Santa for Snow and Low and Behold after we opened presents, IT WAS SNOWING! Big Flakes the kind I like. So there you have it a Perfect Christmas Morning for ME!
Have to go now and put on the Ham.

How is your Christmas Day going?


  1. We had a nice, quite Christmas day. Today, it is starting to snow hard. I'm taking things easy.

    I hope you and all your readers had a wonderful Christmas,


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