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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GoWestMyFriend..It's here!!

Here's the Scoop. We are leaving in 1 day=See count down. We were unable to secure G3 plug in so, I will be limited on my posting. I will try to at least check in every 3 days. There is no Wifi in the desert, so that time I'll be out. Please continue to drop by to check daily, we are still working on getting the Plug in, who know maybe God will drop it down to earth at my home.
Update: It wasn't dropped down, but we did get a blackberry with wifi and internet and GPS. So now we will not get lost and I will be able to get online. Although Remember I am on Vacation.. I need to remember that also...Family will want to have time with me. So you will need to share me,lol. I love all who stop and comment on all my blogs. You are all my extended family. Can't wait to share Life through my eyes with you.


  1. Hey! You won in my June Top Commenter Contest. Stop by and check it out.



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