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Thursday, June 25, 2009

WW-Reveal-A City with a Long History

The answer is The City of Brotherly Love.....Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I spent a lot of time there a couple years ago. My Mom was being treated for Ovarian Cancer there. I made the trip every ten days . During that time I learn a lot about the city. Fountains are everywhere and Parks are not too far from them.Did you know Philadelphia was Our First Nations Capital, Our constitution was signed there, Betsy Ross made Our flag there, and anyone who was someone lived there.

The above Photo was taken in the Nation Constitution Center. This is one of the placed you should visit when your go. It is filled with History Of The Birth of Our Nation. so many Interactive things there. I Learned things I did not know. Recognize any of these People?

Yes, It's The Liberty bell, The real one. It is housed at the Liberty Bell Center in the Historical section. Even in that area there were lots of Sights to see.

The First Bank. Oh yes all the money was keep at this bank back in the time.

This one should give you the chills. We went on a Ghost tour. Now this is an turn of the century cemetery. I took a photo, it was said that some people who take photos with no flash can capture ghost. Okay I fell for it, took this photo. Can you see the figure..She on your right next to the Light ball (you might have to click on the photo to see her)? IT MUST BE A GHOST!!! NO ONE WAS IN THE CEMETERY AT THE TIME! I do not know what that light ball is, there was no lights near the place. Maybe it is the light source of the ghost, Or another Ghost. Anyhow that was a great tour with lots of Ghost History.

Finally I thought I would post a fun Picture. This is Our Room at the Rittenhouse. We had Breakfast brought up ( It was our Wedding Anniversary). Hubby was pretending to be Sophisticated while drinking his coffee. He just cracked our daughter up.

We had a lot of fun in Philly, there was so much to see. If you go there buy an all day ticket for the sightseeing buses. you can get off and on all day and be entertained and educated at the same time.They stop at all the attractions. So you can get off visit which one you like them catch another one later. We really liked that option. Have fun in Philadelphia this summer!


  1. Woohoo! I got it right. I'm from PA, that's why I know...lol

  2. loved all your pics too cool about the spirit ball very interesting indeed. I got the chills looking at it.

  3. Love the pics...a city we need to visit. We both love history.

    I guess I should also say we've visited Baltimore briefly, didn't really vacation there though.



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