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Friday, January 6, 2012

Aloha Friday-Favorite Tech tools.

Here we are in a new year 2012. When I was in my teens ( 1960's) the thought of being alive in the year 2012 was unheard of. Guess the mind just didn't conceive it. My grandmothers were in their late 40's, parents in the 30's and I had only a couple great grandparents alive, They were in their 70's. Therefore at the age of 16 the thought of the year 2000 and being here was not applicable.

do you remember the year 2000? everyone thought the world would end as we knew it. It did not, In fact we have made great progress in technology. Smaller cell phones, No longer distant fees, Internet that go all over other the world and new ways to cook food. Music at the drop of a hat, any time you want it. Paying one carrier for TV, Internet and Phone. Games to play with folks from far away and Cars that run on Solar and re chargeable Batteries. I am still waiting for the ones the Fly!

And my hubby just asked me if a "Googled it"! Let's add that to the mix. We can find out anything from car symptoms to health problems. Boy that can keep the doctors and auto mechanics on their toes.
Oh and one more thing shopping. We can get anything delivered to our door and pay just as much or maybe less for it online.

Technology in this century as so great. I am happy that I am here to see it and share in it.

Now to your questions.......

What is you favorite Technology tool in this year? What are you hoping to see this year in a new tech tool?

My answers.... I love the internet and the ability to interface with so many folks from around the world.
I am hoping that they will discover how to clean my whole house in 10 minutes. Now that I think I will work on. Start timing it folks and let's get those patent in. Think of the millions we could make. Beware "Shark Tank" we are coming your way.

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  1. im loving my new hp d110 series printer, as well as ipad


  2. I love my htc EVO smart phone. I can't really think of any new technology that I would like to see invented...I guess that's why I'm not an inventor;o)

  3. I'm loving my Samsung Galaxy Tab - I'm with you, if we could create an app to clean our houses, I'd be all over that. ;) Happy New Year! :)

    Tomato, Tomahto...Pondering Pronunciation

  4. I love my laptop because I can do much with it. Of course I also adore my little video camera that allows me to vlog and capture other moments to share on my blog and beyond.

  5. ooh I love the red doo on the blog :)

    And my fave would be the internet. So much to keep me involved :)

    And I'd love to be able to print wirelessly soon. I know its there, but that thing is expensive!

  6. My laptop, EReaders and phone. Since I am tech challenged, right now that is enough for me.

  7. I guess I like the internet and blogging, I like the look and portability of an IPad but I think for now, I'll just stick to our IMAC. I'm not really techy :)

    Happy Friday!

  8. I am in love with my new Nook Tablet.

    Have a great Friday.

  9. The internet. Gosh, I love that invention. Some days a little too much. :) I also love my iphone. I feel I can stay in touch with my family more.

  10. Actually all these new technology advances frighten me a bit. I have few and consider shutting them all down often. I know I'm weird.

  11. I love my iPhone & iPad and would like to see a an app that can do a better job at translating voice to text. I'm the worst texter!

  12. I love my iPhone!! As for what else, I don't know... more apps for me?? :D


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