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Friday, September 3, 2010

Aloha Friday-Let's Surf

Welcome to Aloha Friday. This is a day according to Kailani that in Hawaii one takes it easy and prepares for the weekend. Oh I so want to go to Hawaii....I know I would love Fridays there!
An Island Life is the place to link up a question to ask Surfers and Friends visiting your site.

I have never surfed the ocean waves. Have lived in California, Virgina Beach and Florida were there were plenty of opportunities. When we got married 33 years ago today, one of the places we honeymooned was Virginia Beach. There was a Hurricane out in the ocean and the Surfers were out and enjoying the waves. It looked like fun and maybe some day I will try it in one of the oceans.

My questions to you;

Have you ever gone surfing, if not do you think you will ever try it?

Are you Married and what year will/have you celebrated this year 2010?

Oh I know that's two.. I had to do it, for today we are celebrating are 33rd Wedding anniversary.
"Happy Anniversary Honey"


  1. No...to both.
    29 yrs this past April.

  2. Happy Anniversary - love the photo :) We just celebrated out 9th anniversary in June. I have never gone surfing and not really sure I am interested enough to try it. I like to swim, but in pools.

  3. I'm not a very strong swimmer so surfing kind of freaks me out. I don't think I would try it, myself.

    I'll be married 5 years on the 25th of this month. :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. surfing... no, heck i can not even ski!
    wedding... lol, celebrating year 3 this year!!!

  5. 25 years and yes, in a younger life, I surfed once or twice.

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Happy Anniversary! :) We just celebrated our 7th, though we've been together over 13 years (took a while to convert the bachelor! *grin!*)

    I've never gone surfing, though I've always wanted to try! :)

    Aloha: Staying Cool

  7. I have never gone surfing but I would like to.
    Happy Anniversary! I will get married next week :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! I've never been surfing, I'm too afraid from all those Shark movies. Though I've swam a bit in the water, I just don't go out too far.

  9. First off, never gone surfing. I don't even swim.

    And your wedding photo - it's great! Happy Anniversary. Here's hoping for more great years on your marriage.

    Hubby and I, we are going 7 years early next year ...

  10. Gotta love those 1970's! We are at 42 years.

  11. Aww, happy anniversary! That is a wonderful picture! We're going on 23 years :)

  12. Congrats, Celestine and I celebrated our 30Th on 01March10.It is great the read that others are doing this well as well.

  13. 1. No, and can't (bad back).
    2. 11 years

  14. Wow! Happy Anniversary! We are babes in marriage compare to you.

    And I've never gone surfing ,but I would try it just for the experience. Who knows, I might just be good at it.

  15. No on surfing and no on trying it...I don't like being forced underwater...lol!

    We celebrated 12 years this year...love your pic! Hilarious!

  16. I'm a week late BUT finally making my way around!
    No to all! But hey next month marks my 3 year divorce anniversary WOOHOO!!! ;)


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