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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tell Me Thursday-So Tiny So Big!

Our daughter had just begin Public school, when she was entering third grade. The private school could no long meet her needs. She was testing on a sixth grade level on some subjects but needed to stay in the third grade. Our public school system was able to put her in some advance classes, which continued her academic growth. The elementary school had an Orchestra. it started in the third grade,so the Strings teacher was promoting the instruments. Our daughter came home and said "I want to play the Cello". I heard Cello, thought big instrument, tiny child. How in the world could she play cello!
We took her to the Music store and reluctantly told the clerk she wanted to play cello. We voiced our concern because she was only 3'9" and a cello would be taller than her. I did not know they had sizes from 1/8 to 4/4 sizes. It depends on the age and size of the child. He tried a 3/4 size but it was too much for her. She could not get her arms around it! So that meant the 1/2 size. Still it was about as tall as her.She has had three sizes since elementary school. Now with a full (4/4) size.

Sometimes your child will surprise you. She is a good Cello player in my mind. Still lots of work to do. Taking private lesson with a local well known Orchestra conductor. Maybe someday I will get to hear her playing in the BSO or a Philharmonic orchestra .


  1. My son plays the guitar and daughter wants to play the banjo. I had to take piano lessons as a kid and hated it so would much rather they choose their own instrument. I think the cello would be a great one to pick.


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