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Friday, January 1, 2010

Aloha Friday -Games People Play

Had a wonderful time with Family this week. We went to Dads on the 26th December. We played some new games we received for Christmas.
One was Spoons, it is a card game that is played like musical chairs only there is no music played.The one would gets the last spoon wins, one has to be fast with there eyes and hands.

Another one we played was a diced game called LCR , Left Center or Right. You play with diced and chips,to win you must be the only one left with a chips.

The last one is called Apples to Apples. This one you is played with cards, one tries to read the mind of the person who is the judge. The judge rotates in the game, it was really fun. We played it at a friends home on Christmas day and my daughter bought it while at Dads. I love playing games with the family and was so glad to play with Dad.
As a child we played games all the time as a family. Dad still has a lot of those games we played. So this is my Aloha Friday Question for you:

What kinds of games did you play with your family as a child?
Do you play games together with you family now?

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  1. We like Alias, Circus, Trip Around the World and Uno.

  2. When I was a child we played Sorry the most. We played Monopoly and various card games with our cousins.

    Before my mother succumbed to Alzheimer's we played Scrabble all the time.

    This past week when family was here we played Apples to Apples, Scattergories, and a dice game with no name. My hubby will play Rummicub. My sister and I love Perquacky and Skipbo.

    This is a great question! Family games have always been a part of my life. As a friend once said, A game is great because it keeps a conversation going. You really do talk about a lot more than just the game.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. We didn't play many board games or anything. Just a lot of outdoor like baseball, kick the can, hide and seek etc. And No we don't play games together now. Now children in the house :) Happy New Year :)

  4. As a child we played Go Fish, Parcheesi, Kerplunk, Sorry, Twister, Operation, Hands Down, Tip-It, Monkeys In A Barrel, Pick Up Sticks, Cootie, and Trouble

    Now we play Uno, Skip-Bo, Euchre, Spades and Cranium

  5. When I was a child we used to play board games like Clue, Candyland, and Monopoly. I still play Candyland with my girls. It's so much fun!

  6. I LOVE this question! We are a big game playing family and there is one that is our particular favorite...it's called Mad Chatter. It's like the $25,000 pyramid and you can play up to 10 players. You haven't been able to buy it for years and years...but I was able to find one on ebay thank goodness. We always play it and this year we did the girls, then we did the guys and took the best two of each group and had a "tournament of champions"...so much fun.
    Other games we love are Mad Gab, I love the spoons game too but had forgot about it.
    Happy New Year!

  7. When I was little we played a lot of games such as Probe, Yahtzee, Clue, Go fish, 500 Rummy, Sorry, and Checkers. Today my husband and I play Scrabble and Sorry. I'm you're newest follower. Love your blog. Hope you can find time to follow me.

  8. Sounds like you got some good games. Have a Happy New Year.

  9. Monopoly and Scrabble - and they're still my favorites! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  10. no board games just catch and basketball.We used to all sing on the weekends and My Dad would play the Organ!


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