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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday's News

Schools back in....hooray. With the snow storms starting off the holidays and the holiday break, the house has been full. Entertaining the teen , feeding the household the whole day, and trying to keep up with the blogs has been a challenge. Why is it that the kids always need to have someone over or go out somewhere. I'm pretty happy at home, there is plenty to do. Then again, when I was a teen I went out a lot. so I guess things don't change much. Now with the teen off to school and the household back to normal I can get back into my routine. However my sleep and awake habit are messed up. Now I seem to sleep until 7 am. Not good! need to get back into the routine of up at 5:30am. How are your routines going, did the holidays mess them up?


  1. I have really always enjoyed being at home too!

  2. Why in the world do you need to get back in the routine of getting up at 5:30? That sounds awful to me. I don't even get up close to go to work. Yikes woman, with the kids gone, you can now relax a bit.

    sorry you don't do the awards, I'll remove it and pass it along to someone else.


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