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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's News-Our weekend update....

My weekend had a rough start. Friday I had a hard time focusing due to the anniversary of my mother death. Tried to stay busy throughout the day however, it all caught up to me in the evening. The mourning process can be rough, it seems to come in waves. A tsunami hit me Friday evening.
Saturday morning seem to be better. Hubby and I went on a date to see Avatar. I really liked the movie, wrote about it on my reviews blog. Daughter had boyfriend over for dinner, he liked Friday's weekend menu on the kitchen blog. so had to talk his mother into letting him come over. They played Wii and watched House.
On Sunday hubby got the printer hub up and running for the home. Now we can print from any computer or laptop in the home to the hub.
Today, we will be designing some more work space in the den for hubby. So off to Ikea for some items. I also need to weed out the books, my shelves are getting full. Daughter has Midterms this week, the study will start today. School is out for her today. Need to make plans to go to the mountains for some snow fun. We haven't had our fill yet. February is a great month for that. So let the games begin.

Links to the Avatar post and Weekend menu


  1. Glad your weekend ended on a happier note Auntie E.

  2. Sounds like you kept yourself busy which is always good. I hope IKEA was fun, I've never been but know people who love it.

  3. Sorry about your mom. I still have moments when my father's death hits me and that was three years ago. Glad things ended better for you.

  4. So sorry about losing your mom. I lost mine 4 years ago...still seems like it hasn't been that long. Life has forever changed without having a mom around.....I know.

    Here's a big hug to you!


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