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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Movies & My Weekend

Had a good weekend. The weather was beautiful. We did some yard work on Saturday. Will be this weeks Ruby Tuesday Post on My Yard & Garden blog. Went to see the movie "A Christmas Carol". What a disappointment! I was so looking forward to seeing it too. Thought it was so slow and the color was not up to par. The spirits were very strange, the writers imagination was poor. If you did not know the story it would have been hard to follow. Very choppy in the format. Wanted to leave several times and some people did. I will be so surprised if it even gets a mention at the Oscars.
As far as animation is concerned, Very impressive, liked the detail , it was very life liked. We had a hard time deciphering between animation and real (it might get something in that category). Hubby and I did not think the 21 dollars we paid was a wise choice.
Now my daughter went to see "The Box". She and her friends take on it was and I quote...It was strange.. somehow I think this movie was not intended for the teen group. Remember the "Twilight Zone"? "The Box" is a take off one of the episodes. Most teens of today are not Twilight Zone groupies. Her group wanted to see another one but we felt it had too much sexual notes in it. Plus the rating was "PG13, pending appeal for sex and violence material", So why rate it PG13? I really am not please with today's rating system, we can not trust the raters.
On a lighter note, Got to see Critter and the family Sunday. We met up with Michael and we sat together at church. That is seldom because the church has over ten thousand members. It was a good Message. Then afterwords we meet in the cafeteria. Critter and Alex want to spend overnight thanksgiving weekend with us. I think that would be great! Looking forward to that.


  1. I have been roaming around internet and it seem a lot of blogger are enjoying to see pictures of their babies online.

  2. How disappointing to hear about A Christmas Carol. I was looking forward to it. I think I'll just wait and catch it on tv sometime for free.

  3. Thanks for the review of A Christmas Carol I will not waste my money now, sorry you did.


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