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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Another Day At Home.

The other day while searching for something family friendly to watch. We stumbled upon "CashCab". Now that is a neat show. It takes place in New York City while in a cab driving to your destination. We want to be in that cab. How do you get on it? glad you asked. Let see.... you just hail a cab in New York City and you might get that one. How easy is that. I do not think it is too easy since there are over 12,000 cabs in the City and only one Cash Cab.
If you are lucky to get into the Cash cab, there will be questions to answer for money. You start out with 25 dollar ones and go up to 100 dollar ones. It really depends on have far one is traveling as to how much one can win. Oh, there's a catch, if you get three strikes your put out of that cab on the spot. It will not cost you to ride the cab.
Now if you make it to your destination you win the money. They offer you a bonus Video question in which you can double your money if you get it right....but miss it and you only got a free ride.
We like to sit on the couch and play along. We do pretty well but then again no pressure on the couch. Somehow the brain works better in our own environment. We have seen people miss easy questions and wonder how could they not know that one. Anyway it is a fun show to watch.


  1. I've seen that show! I know I'd choke under the pressure.

  2. My son and I watch that once in a while. It is actually quite good. Sort of like and easier Jeopardy in a cab.

  3. I have never seen that show. I'll have to try to catch it sometime. Sounds fun!

  4. I've seen this show, some time ago. It is entertaining but I dont think it is as random as it seems. Well maybe because it is 1/12000 but i'd sure like to get a crack at it.


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