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Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Monday- My Weekend fun.

We had a great weekend. With the Holiday extended time it was a long weekend. Thursday we had family over for turkey and the fun.
Here is a photo of the family.

The kids decorated Gingerbread men and watched the New DVD "Santa Buddies". They really enjoyed it!
Black Friday my beloved hubby and daughter got up at 4:30 am and went shopping. Yes they did! Now I can not get her up early on any regular day. Black Friday must hold that secret, I need to find it a unleash it on this teenager weekly. As for me I stayed in bed, no shopping for me. I will be making all my gift giving this year. My sister-n-law went Black Friday shopping for the first time. She told me she will never do it again! it was just too crazy. She did manage to get some good things, however she also is not an earlier riser. I told her a was going to blog what she said, one has to be careful around me I BLOG! Most of the time they do not mind.
Saturday the family went to The Festival of Trees at the Maryland Fair grounds. Pictures will be posted on Wednesday. It was a wonderful time.
Sunday off to Church, My daughter's boy friend came along. He had never been to our church, it is a gigantic church. Over ten thousand Members. After church we met with the family briefly then of the See "New Moon".
My daughter tried to see it last weekend but it was sold out. So we though we would take it in on Sunday. I really enjoyed this movie. I did see the first one, However haven't read the books. Now my daughter have read the books several times over. I thought it was very good and now I know why my hubby's body temp is always warm. Why he goes crazy on full New moons. We have always joked about he hot temp body. We had a water bed in Colorado and I never need a heater for it, just let him go to bed 30 minutes before me and the temp is just right. Back to the movie, Bella is now getting to know her old friend from when she was little,Jacob. Edward has left her so now she is trying to move on. Jake(as Bella calls him) and Bella get close and then things start getting strange. Now she is starting to believe all those fairy tails are not really made up stories. Can you imagine a world where Fairy Tails are Real?


  1. I should just give in and read those Twilight books, huh?

    Your family photo looks so nice!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week and I love your family photo. We went to Toys R Us, but later in the day so it wasn't really weird. Hard to get back in a groove after being off for a few days, have a great week.


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