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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday has arrived.

Critter was here for the weekend. We did a craft, play out side, baked cookies, and watched a Movie. He love to play on the swing set and play ball. Boy did he hit it far, One went over the house roof and landed in to bushes on the side of the house. Then One went over the 6' fence into the neighbors yard. I think with some training he can be a great Orioles player, he'll be hitting those home runs for sure. We walked to the bus stop to wait for my daughter. Then home to cook the cookies.
The DVD movie we watched was Holiday Madagascar, it was a cute one. My daughter went to see New Moon. All the showings were sold out so they went to see 2012. She said it was okay, not her kind of movie.
We did a craft you can see that at my Kitchen Blog. I always love it when Critter visits, we have so much fun and it's a joy to be with the Little Critter. I miss the small years of my child.

Oh I wanted to tell you all, On Thursday I turned on the radio looking for some music and Low and behold I stumbled on a station with Holiday music playing. Now it's not even Thanksgiving yet! But I have to say it did get me in the Holiday mood. Do you think it to early to have a station playing only that kind of music? I not sure what to think. It will probably be more joyful baking the holiday food and decorating the home.


  1. He is adorable. I like his Pokemon clothes.

    Thanksgiving MeMe

  2. I'm glad you had a great time with Critter! I found our holiday radio station the other day too and it makes me smile!

  3. I think it is a little early but it sure makes you smile to hear it. Once Thanksgiving hits I'm ready for it.
    Have a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh my yes, wayyyyyyyyyyyy too early. I ran into that the other day and turned off the radio. I love Christmas music, but can't we enjoy the upcoming holiday first. I heard some before Halloween. I get tired of the music and the decoration when they're thrown in our faces too early. Everyone at work was complaining about it yesterday too, looking for a station that wasn't yet playing Christmas music.

    Sounds like you and Critter have some very special times together. My daughter doesn't have anyone special in her life, I think my ability to have that grandma time is way down the road, shoot.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  5. It's great you get to spend that quality time with Critter, I get to see my little E on Thursday so I am really thankful for that. Since I don't listen to the radio much and don't go out shopping much the Christmas music doesn't bother me at all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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