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Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday News: Family and Moving

We had a busy weekend. first of all we move my daughter into an apartment in her college town.
Had to buy furniture. It was an unfurnished place. We got a bed, two end tables, a love seat bed. a kitchen table, a dresser and a Media Cabinet. Of course it all had to be put together. I purchased her a new 32 inch TV as a gift. She had been using my small one in the dorm.  I took the small one back.

We had some help but it took a couple days to finish. of course with the apartment we had to get a rug and window rods. Even though we had some things it still needed some other items. when we were all done the bill was around 1000.00, an that was only the furnishings. it was the budget so we did manage to stay close to it.

Now that she is in the apartment, it will be better. No more having to move her out and store stuff in the garage. That part I am happy about.

Managed to see my older brother in Ohio. That was nice. He just retired from the IRS. Just seem to surreal to have a brother on retirement. He said he is enjoying it.  Will have to go up again sometime in October.  They have a nice home. We had so much to Remanence about. Grade school through High school, family houses and places we lived, events that marked times and just about all the photos we took and shared. I wish we would have had more time. However next time and soon we will be able to do more.

 It was a long  four days. Moving and visiting. The drive was long, we will have a couple of week to recoup before heading south to Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.

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