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Monday, June 16, 2014

What a Weekend- Game, Internet Show and Dinner

 Saturday we went to Critters Soccer game and had dinner with the family at Olive Garden in Centreville VA. Can you believe he is  getting so big! He was playing in an All-Stars team. Critter got picked to play on the team. They were playing for the All-stars championship, at this point they were tied.

Sunday I treated my hubby and I took him to David's in the Kitchen show at West Chester Pennsylvania .  I had gotten the tickets some time ago.  The show is on QVC and we watch it every Sunday and Most Wednesdays. David is a delight to watch. Loves his show and cooking. It was a blast, showed on the Internet and QVC plus channel all day Sunday.

 After the  3 hour show we went to UNO's for Dinner. Hubby loves anything Free. They had a special the Fathers Day yesterday. Yes he had his Steak.

Called my Dad when we returned to Wish him a Happy Fathers Day. I  miss seeing him. Need to plan another trip down there.

While we were at the game a little girl came up to Hubby and started talking to him.We had those chairs that have the cup holders in the arms. She said " Oh I have something for you". Brought back her sippy cup and placed it in the cup holder. Then she Posed for my camera.

She was Flying!

We saw a plane over head at the game earlier. I guess that got her going,haha. Loved her energy!!

So, what did you doing over the weekend? Leave a comment or link to your post.


  1. Our weekend started Friday with the father/son dinner at church. Sylvia organized it around a racing theme and I brought an 18 minute presentation on NASCAR pit stops with lots of video showing the right and wrong way. Saturday worked around the grounds. Sunday we had a friend over for lunch his wife has been traveling for about a month so we did father's day with him. Talked with one son on the phone in the evening. The other son is taking us to dinner this evening.

    1. Sounds like you had a great time, enjoy your evening with your Son.


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