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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grinding with Auntie E: Left Out Syndrome

Ever have that feeling that you are missing something? You know that notion when something just doesn't seem right. Yeah it is a very strange feeling. Trying to just let it go is not easy.

I feel that way often. Not sure why but the awkwardness of it is uneasy. For years I have been okay with it. Now in my older years things are creeping up. Feeling I will be left out and end up all alone. Okay I know you are saying, Aye but life doesn't always turn out the way we think. That might be so.

Let's look at how things could be. Family members that do their own things. Live their own way. Yes I did that earlier. Only looking at the now. As we age our thoughts broaden making one aware of the changes in life. Changing the viewpoint on oneness. Creating a need to include others in the family. Even changing the way we think about where to live. Making us think about what really matters.

The Changes of growing old , Retirement Ideas and Love ones being far away. We are in a strange generation, one that has aging parents. The children in their 60's having to take care of their 80 plus parents. Some loving it and dutifully do it. Others that only want the "Lord to Come Now" cause they can not bare life anymore.

I love my Life! Love to go places see the world and spend time with Love ones. Yes even though I have those moments of that  Left Out Syndrome, That joy of a new life or a new discovery makes my day brighter. It brings me out of that Left out moment. All the changes of Children leaving home. Job changes and the aging process that bring retirement closer. Those things are big hurdles in life. Finding fillers and nor losing ourselves in the process is a challenge.

Traveling brightens up my spirit. There are so many things we haven't enjoyed. That Bucket list we all carry around in our heads. Someday I will....... those words spoken...... when I get older we will do this or that. Now is the time to be sure we do not miss out doing those things that we put off until later. Later has come!   We are getting ready to spend another vacation in Tennessee. Looking forward to new adventures and discoveries. I know we will so enjoy that time together.

England is on our list, maybe soon! Any friends out there? Let's go.

"Grinding with Auntie E" is a thoughtful post that takes a feeling and puts a spin on it. Hopefully making one think and changes a thought into a positive view.

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