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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tell me More: When Family Matters

So, recently a family member made it very clear to me that he wishes to have nothing to do with me. Boy I just do not know what I did to deserve such a mean thing!? However, I will honor his wishes. For a "Family" man, this is not right.  He made it clear I was not in the circle of  his Family members. This really hurts, but I guess that is how some folks are. He has been making it clear for some time, since the Christmas Holidays,  I thought it was just a busy time for them. Now I know, that was not the case. It is Sad to have to be distant from a family member when I Love him so much. Well Such is life. I have my husband, my daughter and my Dad and hopefully my other brothers. That will have to do. I wish him happiness always.

I have to say he seems to  be nice when he wanted  something from me. After my Mom's Death he seemed better.  I am thinking now he wanted something. He has always stated he wants a family that stays together. That is why he home schooled  his kids as long as they let him. It is why he moved out to the hills. To keep them true to his ways. These kind of things can sometimes backfire.

I would say that his kids are like normal kids, into normal things of the world. They are all sweet and kind and seem to be great folks. Sometimes I wonder if trying to shelter them is for not. Kids seem to grow into their own identity. Becoming whom they dream of being. Nothing can stop that process, not even  Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.

I have a close relationship with my Parents. When I was in my 20's I realized how smart they were and that I need some of their wisdom and guidance. We talk about everything, even the family members and issues. Wills and Estate Planning, politics and religion, we spoke of even though sometimes we did not agree, we still get along great.

We went on Vacations together  and even lived together during my husbands overseas duty. We celebrated our special occasions together. When Mom got Cancer  she called me right away and I was there for her til the end of her watch. I really miss her. Dad and I are still the same, love being together and spending as much time as we can.

Even though my brothers are all over the place, it has not hindered my relationship with them. I even thought my relationship with the former one was somewhat okay. Recently I visited my older brother and he is doing well. I plan to see more of him in the near future. My Younger brother I see when I visit Dad. He is struggling some but I love him and will be there for his needs. The Nieces, nephews Great nieces and Great nephews  want us to visit and be part of their family. That I am very grateful for. Love spending time with them.

Overall I feel that my Family Matters to me and I only wish that my one brother would come out of his box and join the fun times.  Holding on to decades of memories is not good. People grow up and change. I say that because one of my  brothers told me something  that was said to him years ago. That made me think that, just maybe my brother is harboring things of the past.  We all Grow up and the teens years are difficult years. A time when one is spreading their wings. Sometimes the other family members do not know the situation and draw the wrong conclusion. Which they hold onto for years, making it a fact in their mind. That leads to Harboring things that separate families.

Well I will still love the family members and have as much to do with them as they let me. Family Does Matter and we all should embrace each other for the time here on Earth.

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  1. That is a sad tale and I understand the pain. My mother had a brother that went that way. He was filled with anger and died a bitter man.


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