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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday News- Shopping-Flu- Economy

We had a great weekend. Friday, daughter and I went shopping. It was fun, she needed new clothes for college this winter. It is cold and snowy in Pennsylvania. Still need to look at her coats. I think she has it covered. However she wants to get a new one that is lighter in weight. We will see how it goes.

Saturday hubby and I watched Scifi movies. I really enjoyed that! All day in the theater room watching in HD and Theater sound. Scifi is very thrilling in that mode. I think I am "end of the world" movie out. We watched so many... Cyclones, Tornado's, Solar fares,  and planet alignments doomsday I think they covered the end of the earth scenarios. Of course there was always a savior and they saved the earth. We need to take notes just in case these happens.

Sunday we watched service from home. With the flu season in full swing now and we a going to St Louis, we are trying to stay healthy. Our church has over ten thousand people and they like to shake hands as well as all the sneezing, coughing and touching things.  The news has been telling us this is a bad season for the Flu. We have been told that the Flu shot does not cover this strand and that  we should get the shot. Also we have been told to wash are hands often ,cover our mouths, and take an abundant  of products. I know that they are only guessing and have no clue as to controlling it. Hey look this is a virus and the only way to steer clear is to boost your immunity and stay clear of the folks who have it. After all everyone needs to work and will still go even if they are suffering. In this economy missing work is not an option. The bosses are just waiting for a reason to not pay out.

We did go out to eat. The restaurant was very sparse in people. This is a place that has been very busy in the past. Just goes to show that the economy is still suffering. The food was still good and the service was great.  The weather was so foggy so we came home hubby took a nap and daughter worked on a project. I just chilled out.

How was your weekend?

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