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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday News.. A Look back on the week

Boy this was a great week. We went to The Gaylord National on the National Harbor for a few days. Saw some great things there.
This is a show of all ice sculptures. The Temps was 5 degrees. Every thing was made from ice. They handed out parkas to keep one warm as we walked through.

This was a slide made out of Ice.
Hubby and daughter went down it.
We had breakfast with some Characters from Shrek

Then we bumped into some friends and they told us to walk into the town. There we saw big tree.

On Friday we took a boat to Old Alexandra. Had not been there before. I really like it. The was a free King Street trolley. So we hopped on and got to see a lot. Now we know how to get there by the Metro. We will surely go back there for a day.

Next we drove home, traffic was not bad.

Saturday went out to the Mall to return a few things. Not presents just some items I purchased. The mall closed early due to New Years Eve. We came home and rang in the New year There. I can never seem to stay awake on that day. It seems like I can on other days but the New Years Eve. Anyway I did wake up to firecrackers going off in the neighborhood. It is against the law here, but the folks do not care about Laws! I always thank the Lord the homes do not catch fire.

One thing I missed this year was the Rose Parade and game. It was moved to Monday,today, I did not like that! I feel It is an American tradition to watch it on News Years Day. Yesterday felt like a regular day. Now the Kids here will not get to enjoy the parade or game. Because they had to go to school! No Holiday for them only for the Nation! What a mistake our county made.

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  1. What fun! My grands would love to go there. I agree, our school kids got cheated!

  2. What a fantastic ice park. I've never seen one before. I would have went down that slide, the sculptures are fantastic. Shreck looks so great, love the pictures with the family.
    happy new year

  3. Brr . . . but . . . It does look like a good time. I love those blues!

    Happy New Year & Happy Blue Monday, E.

  4. Looks as if you had a lot of fun ! I love ice sculptures. This year I haven't seen them yet we also have an exhibition in Belgium.
    Happy New Year to you too !

  5. So cold!! But everything is festive! Happy New Year!

    Museum Arts

  6. Beautiful photos..

    Visiting fro BM! Here's my share- hope you can visit too:)



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