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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Favorite Song Weekend- Back to the 70's

In the seventies there was a band by the name of WAR. They were considered a Pop,jazzy,rock, funk, Latin, rhythm and blues, and reggae all rolled up in one music style. I think during that time is when my music style was changing. Having a new group that incorporated all the styles into one sound was a nice change. In the 70's their popularity soared. They put out 14 albums and had over 40 singles. The most popular first one I remember was "WAR". There were several others like; Spill the Wine, They Can't Take Away Our Music, All Day Music, the Cisco Kid, Why Can't we be Friends and more. I chose the song "Summer" to feature. Being summer is coming to a close I thought looking back at some great times would be a delight.

I little history of this song "Summer" by WAR. Released in 1976 by United Artists, album named "Greatest Hits". Was number four on the soul charts, number one on the Easy listening charts for one week and then went to number seven on the Billboard chart.
Yesterday the group "War" Now known as "WAR the Band" played at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Oh I would have loved to had seen them and on our 33rd wedding anniversary. Wouldn't that have been great? Well I will post this is listen to them this weekend.

Oh What Great Memories of Then and Now!
The photo icon is courtesy of the Official WAR site


  1. Love the song, wish the season wasn't coming to an end.

  2. I would have never guessed that song came from the same band that put out Spill the Wine or Low Rider.


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