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Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday News- Holiday and an Anniversary

Friday was are wedding anniversary. I met my Hubby about 34 years ago while serving in the Military. We were stationed together in Colorado. However we got married near Pittsburgh 33 years ago. My father was ministering a church there and I really lucked out because hubby's family lived by Erie. So they all were able to attend. This year My daughter arranged a sleep over for her at a friends house. That gave hubby and I the whole house to our selves. I cooked he favorite meal, Steak, Mushrooms in herb butter sauce and Artichokes. He loves Banana Cream Pie. Daughter and I went to the Amish Market a got a fresh baked one for him. It was a personal one just for him. He so enjoyed it. We had a great time just staying in and laughing about old times.

Saturday I spent the day working in the yard and computing some. The pool needed to be cleaned out and the filter changed. I am getting it ready for the fall swim season. Here we have about 4 to5 more weeks of pool enjoyment after summer ends. We are still having some 90 degree weather so I do not have to hook up the Pools solar heater yet. I did some washing and packing for our Sunday trip.

Our Sunday trip was to Longwood Gardens in Kennett square, Pennsylvania. This year we were taking in the Fountains and Fireworks display. Oh Do I have Photos and Videos. They were just fantastic, I love it when fireworks are done to music. I will be blogging about this here and on my garden site later this week. be looking for Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Wednesday as well as some other special post. We all love going to this Garden, there is always something different going on. This year it was "Making scents: The art and passion of fragrance". Oh all the memories that flooded back! It was true great.

Today we are still in Pennsylvania and will be making our way home visiting some places along the way. Here we are celebrating Labor Day so we have a long weekend.
How was your weekend?


  1. happy anniversary! hope you're enjoying the long labour weekend with it.

    i was ill so rested a lot during the weekend (boring!!) while ash got looked after by the nanny and his dad.

    ~ash's mum

  2. Congrats... :D
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  3. Sometimes it's necessary to be a couple again and not a family ! of course now I enjoy to be family again, because since we are both retired we are "couple" the whole year long, lol !

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  4. Congrats!!!!!1

    I love to sit down and eat your delicious dinner.


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