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Friday, September 10, 2010

Aloha Friday-Last Stop Festivals?

Here we are headed into another weekend. Our weekends seem to be so busy. With school back in session and the summertime things winding up we just are running. Needing to get in on the final activities of summer. This weekend we are headed to another Renaissance Festival, this time in Maryland. Before long it will be time for the Fall Festivals to start. So here are my questions for you.

Do you have seasonal festivals you like to get to?
Which ones are on that list of "Can't miss that one this season"?

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Don't forget to check in with Kailani over at An Island Life for more questions. She also has a linky to Link up your Friday question.


  1. i have worked for so long (no weekends off...)
    now that I am not working, i want to try and do as much as possible! :)
    My AF for you

    Thanks for stopping by my AF, I am just trying to see if I can add my link in the comments...
    Thanks for letting me "try it out" on yours!
    Please forgive me if my link is messed up...
    trying to learn how to add it to my comment

  2. Love to go apple picking in the fall.

  3. None I cannot really miss however, we have a sweet corn one that's pretty fun.

    Have a great Friday!

  4. We have a few here but we don't get to go, I'm sure sometime if possible we'll go to something.

    For fall, I'm hoping to do the hayride with the kids and pumpkin, animal petting etc.

  5. Thanks for swinging by The IE Mommy.
    We don't have a lot of "festivals" but we do try and make the Los Angeles or Orange County fair each year.

  6. Unfortunately, I already missed the two I love to go too. My own town give the Windmill Festival. Crsfts, rides, and bands all awesome, but I was out of town for that one. The other is the Naperville Ribfest! mmmmmm to die for! Great food, and they always have headliners. That weekend I was sick. Oh well, there's always next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you had a chance to glance at my give-aways & I just put up another. Now, Monday I really hope you stop by for my new meme "Monday's Music Moves Me". Check it out! HUGSSSSSSSSSSS

  7. I'm jealous, I love the Renaissance Festival! I wanna go! I haven't been to one in about 8 years. There isn't one here in HI. There is one in Colorado every summer and I used to go!

  8. We try to go to the Long Beach Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Long Beach Crab Festival, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and the Los Angeles County fair every year.

  9. I used to love to go to the Fall wine festival, but I haven't been in years.

  10. not really!!we just love going to the parks!!:)

  11. No festivals. We like to go apple picking without the festivals since the crowds can really ruin the good time. We also like to head up to Six Flags to enjoy the park in the cooler weather.

  12. We have lots of festivals in this area.Strawberry, Renaissance, Gasparilla, Touch a Truck, Maritime, Cigar Heritage, Kumquat, and Fall Festival.

  13. Unfortunately there are not any local festivals around here...they do have the corn mazes and pumpkin patches gearing up. Eastern WA has some terrific ones but they are too far to attend.


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