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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's News-Cooler Weekend

Our Weather was a bit cooler with temps in the upper 80's. That gave us a chance to work outdoors. We were also able to get out a little more.
Thursday evening we drove to The Eastern Shore to pick up our daughter. She was spending the week with a friends family. Felt they weren't coming back til today, so she wanted us to pick her up. She still has trouble being away from us for longer than a couple days. The drive wasn't too bad. Traffic at the bay bridge was the only back up. It took about 30 minutes to get through the toll. We eat out at Cracker Barrel on our way back. They were very busy as usual. I like their Campfire dinners, although this one wasn't as good as in Florida.

Friday was a day to go to the *Amish Market. I haven't been for years and my daughter really wanted to go. I did enjoy the ride, it is not that far for us to go. Oh the Meats....they are so good. I really didn't know how much I missed that. In the evening we picked up Lyd's Boyfriend and went to a restaurant we hadn't been to in years,The Olive Grove. Their Lasagna is the best in my opinion.
Saturday we swam and took it easy. Hubby started to work on the **new shed. We purchased it a few months ago, however with the weather being Hot and humid we could not get started on it. Hubby had to build a platform for it and move some brick pavers from the site.

Sunday the weather was even cooler so we were able to put up the shed. It was so easy to do. After we did that, into the pool I went for a good swim. I love swimming while listening to Golden Oldie. Most of the time I exercise to them, while in the pool. Now that kind of exercising I like. I think I will need to join a pool for the winter, since hubby will not let me build a pool house and have a heated pool. I think that would be a great investment for my health. Just thinking of it makes me crazy, all kinds of thought comes to mind....A solar system for heating would make it more adorable. But then again I would need to have some sort of back up. Well I can always dream...Dreams keeps us young!

*More on our Amish market Visit
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  1. Hi!sounds like alot of movement. i grew up in penn. so the Amishculture and wares are interesting. glad you had cooler temps. in Georgia, we stay at 90 95 in North Ga. the pool sounds like a good relief from the heat. I,m assuming you had a great need for a shed.glad that project was completed. Have a wonderful Monday. Rose

  2. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful weekend


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